Revenue Cycle Management Services

Image for RCM ServicesBilling Blues provides a top-notch quality service in handling your revenue cycle management services. We use cost effective responsible superior RCM solutions that will amaze you.

We are able to do plenty of work such as increase the revenue from unpaid claims, collect payments on already submitted claims and always be in contact with companies that provides services like insurance for quick settlements. With us you will have improvements in collection ratios, Increased revenues and increased in the probability of payments.

Billing Blues guarantees you with:

  • Accelerated cash flow 
  • Quick revenue realization 
  • Structure operations
  • Constant monitoring and following up of key revenue cycles

With those advantages you can ensure high level of satisfaction from your patients. Additionally, outsourcing is a wise choice when it comes to this kind of process, since a hospital should be too focused on these kinds of operation and more focused on the medical operations. Outsourcing will come as a huge benefit to you and will remove a huge burden off the hospital’s shoulders.

What we do

Healthcare revenue cycle management begins when patients make their appointment to seek medical attention and it ends when all claims and payments have been collected. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds. The registration process is complicated and goes through more than one department. It’s a lot of work that you will have to worry about and hire experienced employees who are able to handle such sensitive information and operation. But don’t worry we will take
care of it all.

It doesn’t matter if you are a huge medical facility or you are just a private individual physician, we will be able to provide service that will benefit you. Depending on your needs we will be providing solutions. We have a wide range of health care revenue cycle management services such as:

1. Registration of patients

We are able to help you process all your patients’ information. You just send us all the information as a bulk and we will take care of it all. We will do the data entry of every patient. Their insurance info, their demographic and personal information. Then all this information will be validated. You can then register these patients.

2. Medical coding

We at BRAND have professional experienced coders to ensure providing exactly what suits you. They are certified professional coders that work in accordance with he latest programs and updates.

3. Claim submission

We are able to manage all kinds of claims. Paper claims or electronic it will be no problem to us. Our team is trained to prepare explanations of benefits and submit all the claims to the insurance company.

4. Capturing charges

We are able to process charges for more than one specialty. We are experienced and able to handle: Medicare, third-party liability Medicaid, managed care, indemnity insurers and more.

5. Denial management services

We can help you correct analyze and submit the denied claims. This process is pretty simple. It includes identifying denials by coding revenues then the reason for the denial is analyzed and a detailed denial management report is made. Now you are able to manage claim denials effectively.

6. Payment posting

All the posted payments will be audited and checked. We are able to provide accurate and quick posting of all payments that take place. We can ensure you the least amount of errors possible.

7. Account receivable service

We will help you identify accounts that need follow ups and attention and take the needed action to collect unpaid claims. Our services include:

  • finding grounds for claim denials
  • Receivables analysis
  • Pending claims attention and follow ups

Monthly reports will be prepared that will help you manage cash flow and improve profitability. Reports will include:

  • Charges adjusting and payments
  • Payer mix
  • Charges punctuality for payers

Why choose us.

We offer some of the best prices you will see, you will be saving a lot of money and still getting a very high-level service ensuring customer’s satisfaction and convenient service for your patients.

  • Experienced people will handle revenue cycle management.
  • Constant follow up on bills.
  • Latest software’s and technologies to ensure high productive functioning of your cycle management
  • Risk-free outsourcing as we are very serious about our customer’s privacy. Your info will always be in safe hands ensuring no leaks of private information. We have very strict hiring policies and our employees are trained and understand the privacy and its importance when dealing with clients.

We ensure you that we won’t disappoint. You can have full confidence in us and our service. We have the ability to provide you with what you need. We are a very strong outsourcing partner that will help you face any challenged posed on you by the healthcare system and customers across the globe. You can rely on us and our employees experience.

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