HEDIS Abstraction Services

What is HEDIS ?

healthcare servicesHEDIS was developed and is maintained by the NCQA – National Committee for Quality Assurance.  – Simply put, The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, is a widely used set of performance measures in the managed care industry. It stands as a sole tool in ensuring accountability in Managed Care.

HEDIS touches upon the most important factors in the managed care industry which essentially involves the complete life stage of the member and ensures that PCP’s take good care of their members and report it back to the health plans, they are equally rewarded on performance measures.

At Billing Blues, we understand Healthcare like the back of our hands. It’s in our DNA.

Right from providing Member outreach program services to ensuring timely submissions of claims with quality and accuracy, we have helped our clients achieve a higher rating resulting into an average of 0.75-1.0 uplift.

Hedis Abstraction Services we offer

At the forefront of our expertise is a decade of experience with a primary objective of analyzing data at a 360º level. We understand and help overcome obstacles such as:

  • Claims not submitted with the proper measure ICD-10 or CPT codes that count towards the measure
  • Member not being enrolled continuously
  • Services not getting documented properly in the member’s medical record
  • All components of the required measures not being met.

We turn around all of these obstacles to your benefit in attaining a higher ratings and thereby, resulting into more incentives for your medical practice.

Billing Blues boasts of a HEDIS chart abstraction team who works on data and analytics to get everything done for you while you sit back and focus on your core competencies. Our fully trained Hedis abstractors will ensure timely submission on the claims. It is a win-win for our clients as well as for us.

Key benefits for choosing us as HEDIS Abstraction Vendor:

  • Increase coding throughput and cash flow
  • High-quality, accurate code assignments
  • Reduce DNFB accounts
  • Streamline coding operations
  • Maintain compliance with independent review team
  • ICD-10 Ready Coding department extension

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